4 week mindfulness program for managing anxiety



Either face to face in Linlithgow or Via Zoom.  Spaces are limited, enquire via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp to book your space.

This program is suitable for 16+ age group & complete beginners to mindfulness meditation.

Student Feedback

The course was very helpful, especially since I can go back and look at it once the course finishes (folder) and the care box was really nice and made me feel loved.

My mental health improved as I learnt not to be annoyed at myself for the way I feel and to take care of myself more.

After this course I felt a decrease (in my anxiety) as I learnt how to accept my anxiety and describe and observe it by saying ‘i notice it’ not ‘i feel it’ which really improved my view on it. Also after each practice my anxiety levels dropped significantly and I felt calm and happy.

This course was really helpful as it helped me realise that I can sit and allow my anxiety to be there with out trying to push it away, making it worse, which for me was the first big step to improving and reducing it.

-- Jasmine Parker-Geddess


How does #mindfulness help to manage #anxiety?

The practice is about becoming the observer. Instead of getting caught in a negative thinking cycle we are able to observe that cycle and in doing so realise that we are not our negative thinking.

It's a pattern, a record on repeat. When we can enter observer mode without judgement we become responsive instead of reactive and can free ourselves from anxiety and negative cycles of thinking.



Meditation is to be aware of what is going on: in your body, in your feelings, in your mind, and in the world.

- Thich Nhat Hanh


Getting a grasp of the theory of #mindfulness will help to improve the benefits of your practice.

I designed this course after completing my teacher training, having been through several 8 week mindfulness programs including the MBSR and the mindful living program, I wanted to create a shorter introductory course based on the 5 facets of mindfulness.

The course covers all the basics without being too overwhelming and there is a ton of practice time and excercises to keep it engaging and make sure the theory is transformed into practical steps you can take in your own life to reduce your anxiety.

Program Outline


Week 1: Thoughts, wellbeing & the 5 Facets of Mindfulness

2 hours



  • How thoughts affect our wellbeing 
  • What is mindfulness & practice 
  • Poem Reading & Exercise


Practice: Grounding practice, breath awareness, 5,4,3,2,1


Week 2: Observing & Describing Vs Storytelling



  • Observing
  • Describing
  • Observing the Present Moment Exercise
  • Jug Exercise


Practice: 5 senses, mindful movement, breath awareness


Week 3: Non Reactivity & Living with Awareness



  • Stress Response & Non Reactivity
  • Awareness & Autopilot


Practice: Mindful movement, bodyscan, breathe awareness


Week 4: Non Judgement & Self Compassion



  • Non Judgement
  • Antidote to Judgement
  • The Physiology of Self Criticism & Self Compassion 


Practice: Mindful movement, taking in the good, loving kindness

Meditation Program (2)


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