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Every Monday at 8pm GMT I teach Pyjama Meditations over on Facebook Live.  Come & join the practice.

Student Feedback

The pyjama meditation class was very relaxing and made me feel a lot better! Thankyou x


The mindfulness sessions are really great - a good mix of personal development and practical application. Cheryl is a calm influence and makes the sessions really fun, give them a try.


This is one of the best meditations I've been to, thank you so much!!



How does #mindfulness help to manage #anxiety?

The practice is about becoming the observer. Instead of getting caught in a negative thinking cycle we are able to observe that cycle and in doing so realise that we are not our negative thinking.

It's a pattern, a record on repeat. When we can enter observer mode without judgement we become responsive instead of reactive and can free ourselves from anxiety and negative cycles of thinking.



These classes are a little different to the traditional mindfulness class.  Cheryl begins with mindful movement & ends with a seated practice in each class, helping you to release tension in the body & settle into the present moment before your seated practice begins.

If you have struggled to meditate in the past,  and or have anxiety, you'll find the combination eases you into the right space to meditate.

I usually pull some affirmation cards & teach the foundation principles of mindfulness during class.


Cheryl has always mixed mindful movement with seated practice.  She teaches mindfulness that way because it is more accessible for beginners to practice with movement & it's more fun & engaging.

Movement helps the student to come into the present moment & into the body and starts the process of slowing down the mind before seated pratice begins which makes seated practice a little easier - at least that is the goal.

This style of class accessible for complete beginners & is a little bit of fun.

Cheryl A Clarke, mindfulness and compassion teacher helps you to unwind at the end of the day with a mindfulness practice combining mindful movement & seated practice, suitable for beginners and those new to mindfulness meditation.


Each class begins with mindful movement set to music, helping to come into the body & to the present moment before our seated practice.

The class is filmed live from Cheryl's living room & she teaches underneath the aurora lights.


There is extra healing benefit to practising together so come along to the live class, it does not matter that we are not in the same room.


Suitable for 16+

Younger children may also enjoy but might find some bits tricky to follow along with however, all are welcome!

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